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In our special product group for freely configurable and customizable 3D printed vases and plant pots, we offer you the opportunity to realize your own designs. Choose from a wide range of colors and materials and create a product that exactly matches your ideas.

Our configurator allows you to customize each vase and plant pot to your liking. Whether you prefer a minimalist design or are looking for something more eye-catching, we can turn your ideas into reality.

The personalized products are perfect as a gift for special occasions or as an individual decorative element for your home or office. Thanks to the high-quality materials and precise 3D printing technology, we guarantee durable and aesthetically pleasing products.

Start your creative project today and discover the endless possibilities offered by our configurable and customizable vases and plant pots. Your unique design is just waiting to be discovered by you!


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The Special Korin VaseThe Special Korin Vase
The Special Korin Vase Sale priceFrom €29,00
On sale
The Special Kumo VaseThe Special Kumo Vase
The Special Kumo Vase Sale priceFrom €24,00 Regular price€29,00
The Elomi PlanterThe Elomi Planter
The Elomi Planter Sale priceFrom €24,00
The Grafel PlanterThe Grafel Planter
The Grafel Planter Sale priceFrom €24,00
The Wenra PlanterThe Wenra Planter
The Wenra Planter Sale priceFrom €24,00
Our creations enrich every room with creativity.

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