The Kitan Vase (set of 3)

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set: 16cm + 13cm + 10cm
Color: Matt Ice Blue
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Discover the exquisite elegance of the Kitan Vase, now available in an exclusive set of three. Each vase in this trio is carefully crafted to create a delicate balance between contemporary aesthetics and classic elegance.

Standing alone, the Kitan Vase is a masterpiece of modern design, striking with its unique profile and refined lines. As an ensemble, however, the set adds an additional dimension of aesthetics, with the vases together forming a stunning panorama that captures the eye and soothes the senses. The option to choose three vases of the same size creates an impressive uniformity that brings continuity and cohesion to any interior, while a set of vases of different sizes enables a dynamic and stimulating presentation.

This trio set not only offers a financial advantage over purchasing individual pieces, but also enriches your ambience with a design statement that is both impressive and versatile. Whether as a setting for floral arrangements or as stand-alone sculptures, the Kitan vases in the set are a tribute to craftsmanship precision and design vision.

The sizes in the set always refer to the longest edge, the exact dimensions (length*width*height) are:

  • 10cm: 10x10x8cm
  • 13cm: 13x13x10cm
  • 16cm: 16x16x12cm
  • 17cm: 17x17x13cm
  • 20cm: 20x20x15cm

Note: Due to the uniqueness of 3D printing, slight variations may occur. The plant is not included in the price.

Each of our products is made specifically for you according to your personal configuration. We do not have any prefabricated stock items. This enables us to offer a high degree of individuality and quality while using our resources sustainably.

Thats how it works:

  1. Choose your specifications: You can choose the size, color and other details to design your product exactly the way you want it.
  2. Made to order: As soon as we receive your order, we start producing your unique item.
  3. Delivery to your door: Your customized product is delivered directly to your home, fresh from production and ready for you to receive.

If you have a special request about one of our products or further questions, please write to us using our contact form .

Design licensed by Terra de Verdant on Thangs.


Extraordinary designs made possible by a modern 3D printing process

Environmentally friendly

Made from 100% bio-based material for a smaller ecological footprint


Thanks to 3D printing technology, each product is unique


Designed for durability and functionality

Sustainably created with 3D printing technology

Each of our products not only represents a promise of quality and design, but also our commitment to the environment. From carefully selecting eco-friendly materials to optimizing our 3D printing process, our goal is to minimize our environmental footprint.

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