The Yovi Vase (set of 3)

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set: 18cm + 16cm + 14cm
Color: Matt Ice Blue
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The set of Yovi vases in three different sizes offers a fascinating combination of uniform color and graduated dimensions that create visual harmony while still individually enlivening each room. The smallest model is perfect for delicate single blooms or smaller floral arrangements, while the medium vase offers ideal proportions for more lush floral bouquets. The largest of the vases can be used as a dominant decorative element that can be filled with larger flowers or even branches.

The consistent matte green color of the vases reinforces the sense of togetherness in this set, while the varying sizes bring dynamism to the grouping. The vertically ribbed structure of each vase catches the light in different ways, resulting in a vibrant play of shadows that emphasizes the natural contours and draws attention to the fine details.

Such a set is not only practical to use, but also serves as an artistic display piece that creates a calming, organic atmosphere in both private homes and offices or public spaces. The versatility and aesthetic appeal of Yovi vases make them an excellent choice for those who want to combine nature, art and modern design in their environment.

Note: Due to the uniqueness of 3D printing, slight variations may occur. The plant is not included in the price.

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Design licensed by Terra de Verdant on Thangs.


Extraordinary designs made possible by a modern 3D printing process

Environmentally friendly

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Thanks to 3D printing technology, each product is unique


Designed for durability and functionality

Sustainably created with 3D printing technology

Each of our products not only represents a promise of quality and design, but also our commitment to the environment. From carefully selecting eco-friendly materials to optimizing our 3D printing process, our goal is to minimize our environmental footprint.

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